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Use this site to complete your weekly Spelling contract sheet.   Take your weekly tests here.
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Want a fun site which uses arcade games to quiz you on parts of speech? These games are AMAZING!   Want to access our reading program online? You can do it here!
Grammar Got You Growling?   Daily Buzzword
Syntax got your stymied? Paragraphing got you pouting? Well, worry no longer, Capital Community College has a great resource for those pesky grammar rules as well as tips for paragraph writing.   The Merriam-Webster daily word to rattle your brain and extend your vocabulary.
Get those definitions for your assignments here (I recommend the top two first) :
Your Dictionary    
Wordsmyth Dictionary    
Word Central Dictionary    
Factmonster Dictionary    
Yahooligans Dictionary    
Want to pick criteria for a book and have a list generated just for you? If this sounds awesome, give the Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature a try. Also, it's kind of fun...
Need to know a list of books for literature responses? Try these:
Caldecott, Newbery, and Utah Authored Books. Also, here is a good site all about Utah authors.
Need a good book to read? Check out America Writes for Kids to find good books and facts about some of your favorite authors.
Need some fun, creative ways to present your book to the class instead of the written report? Check out the Survival Manual for some great ideas!
EducationPlace is a great site for games about reading, writing, and social studies. I recommend playing Wacky Web Tales, Power Proofreading, and Fake Out.


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